Why We Don't Use Chicken in Our Recipes

We've worked with doodles for over 15 years and have explored many different recipes to see which one our dogs love the most. We initially used chicken, in our puppy and adult options, but quickly discovered that many of our dogs were sensitive to it. 

Now, in our recipes, we make sure that there are no chicken ingredients at any stage. By eliminating this protein and replacing it with equally, if not more, healthy alternatives like turkey, fish or venison, we've made food that tastes and feels great. 

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Is More Fibre For Dogs Necessary?

Every dog needs a properly balanced diet to keep them healthy and energetic. It's also vital to prevent any avoidable health conditions that can arise from poor food choices. As part of this, dogs require plenty of fibre in their diet to aid digestion. 

Here are some benefits of fibre, why your dog needs it in their diet and what to look out for in dog food...


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Why Grain-free is the Best Dog Food for Allergies

Many hybrid dogs are intolerant to grains. Potatoes are an excellent alternative and provide plenty of nutrients. They taste delicious and reduce the likelihood of your dog experiencing any skin irritation or hot spots. 

Since few dogs are allergic to potatoes, grain-free food is good for dogs of all breeds. Here at Designer Dog Foods, we've specialised in finding high-quality recipes that are ideal for dogs like Yorkipoos, Labradoodles, Cockapoos and Sheepadoodles.

Here are some of the benefits to grain-free dog food...

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Natural Dog Food Ingredients - What we use

Here at Designer Dog Foods, we want to make sure we are creating recipes that not only taste delicious but provide all the essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive. 

Because of this, we've incorporated some fruit, vegetables and herbs to our grain-free dog food. These ingredients were specifically chosen to assist doodles' development and vary depending on what life stage your dog is at...

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Why Fish Is Good For Your Dog - And What Ingredients We Use

Fish is naturally rich in Omega-3, which is vital for dogs. By exposing puppies to various fish species at a young age, they are less likely to develop a sensitivity or intolerance later on in years.

With that in mind, we've created several fish dog food recipes to support your dog from a puppy into adulthood. Here is a list of our fishy ingredients and why we've chosen these ones specifically...

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All About Our Dog Food’s Protein Sources

Protein is an essential part of every dog's diet. It helps grow hair, form new skin cells and build muscle tissue. At Designer Dog Foods, we make sure all freshly prepared meats are gently cooked to 90 degrees Celsius to protect the nutrient content. This allows your pet to have optimal nutrient bio-availability whilst ensuring that the protein is readily available and easily digested.

Here's a list of all our meat protein sources and why we have chosen these specific ingredients. 

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