Can Dogs Eat Mustard?

Some say mustard is bad for dogs; some believe dogs can eat mustard. But what's the truth? Both statements are true, unfortunately. 

It all depends on the form of mustard. One of the safest food options for your dog to eat is mustard greens (depending on how you prepare it). 

Nonetheless, you should avoid any mustard related food as mustard seeds are toxic for dogs. They contain toxins called glucosinolates, and they can cause severe harm to your dog. 

If your dog's symptoms last more than a few hours, I recommend contacting your vet.

can dogs eat mustard seeds


  • Abdominal Pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Drooling
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Intestinal tract inflammation
  • Stomach inflammation
  • Thyroid Damage
  • Vomiting

Mustard isn't good for dogs, and so you should treat any symptoms as soon as possible. Even a small amount can trigger vomiting or stomach upset.

can dogs eat mustard

Top Tips:

  • As a blanket statement, mustard is not safe for dogs. That includes variants like wild mustard, honey mustard, yellow mustard and mustard powder. None of these should be in your dog's food. 
  • Your dog could react badly and be in severe pain. Since mustard has no health benefits, there's absolutely no reason to risk seriously hurting your dog. 
  • Small dogs will exhibit symptoms quicker than larger breeds. Size also affects the amount of mustard your dog can eat before any digestive problems occur. 

Treatment Plan

Monitor - If you've seen your dog ingest mustard, watch to see if any symptoms start to develop. Your dog will most likely begin vomiting to remove the toxins from their body quickly.

Call vet - If you think your dog has eaten a large amount of mustard, call your vet. 

Emesis - Your vet might induce vomiting in your dog to detox your dog's stomach quickly. 

Activated charcoal - This is used after emesis to prevent your dog from absorbing any remaining toxins.

IV Fluids - If your dog has been vomiting/had diarrhoea, they are probably dehydrated. IV fluids will hydrate them and flush out the toxins quicker. 

Bland food - Your vet might suggest withholding food for a few days to let your dog's stomach settle. However, when they can eat, I recommend plain food and lots of water.