Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Humans love honey - during winter, it's the perfect natural remedy for our sore throats and colds. What happens though, if your dog eats it? 

Apart from being full of sugar, if your dog eats a teaspoon of honey, you don't need to worry. Unless your dog has underlying health conditions, a small amount of this sweet treat is harmless.

The main problem is the high sugar content - it can lead to obesity and tooth decay if eaten in large amounts. You might want to brush your dog's teeth or give them a dental stick afterwards to minimise this risk. 

can dogs eat honey

Symptoms of too much honey:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Obesity
  • Tooth decay

Supposed health benefits of honey:

  • Antimicrobial and antifungal properties
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Soothes stomach ulcers and sore throats
  • Cure allergies

Whilst these have no concrete evidence to prove it actually works, it's not going to hurt your dog to try. 

Can puppies eat raw honey, then? Since honey might contain botulism spores, I don't recommend this food until they are older. 

Always follow your vet's advice first, but if your dog has a sore throat, honey might soothe it. It might not work - there's no substantial evidence that backs this claim - but it's a natural remedy that both humans and dogs enjoy. 

can dogs eat honeycomb

Top Tips:

  • A natural sugar with various medicinal properties, honey, for dogs, can be an occasional delicious treat. 
  • Most dogs can eat honey without problems; the exceptions are dogs with compromised immune systems, diabetes or those who are obese. 
  • Honey isn't good for dogs in large amounts, but you can use it as a health supplement. 

Treatment Plan

Before you feed your dog honey, I recommend checking with your vet how much would be okay for them to eat. Particularly in smaller breeds, less is more. 

If your dog has underlying health conditions, like diabetes, then it might not be safe to feed your dog honey. If you're concerned, always consult your vet.