Our Story

With a master's degrees in food law, over 15 years' experience as an Australian Cobberdog breeder and trainer, Lisa Rose (former married name Lisa Carson) created Designer Dog Foods. From this experience, Lisa saw first hand the effects of non-optimal dog foods and sought an alternative. The idea was to develop a breed-specific dry dog food for poodles crosses.

Many pedigree breeds like Labradors, Poodles, Spaniels, etc. have breed-specific nutrition. Why shouldn't Cobberdogs, Labradoodles, Cockapoos and Goldendoodles?

With the help of her children, Cerys and Grace Carson, and vet Hannah James, the vision transformed into Designer Dog Foods. We promote the health & well-being of doodles and cross-breeds.

Designer Dog Foods is dry dog food perfect for your poodle cross. Every bag is packed full of delicious ingredients, chosen specifically to give your doodle exactly what they need.

Labradoodles and poodle crossbreeds have their own nutritional needs & breed problems. So why shouldn't they have their own food too!

At Designer Dog Foods, we focus on breed-specific problems such as allergies & intolerances and supporting the ear, skin, coat and joint health of your pet dog. All the while providing for those fussy eaters!

All recipes are tried and tested on our own Australian Cobberdogs.

With grain-free, no added chicken and vitamin-rich food, Designer Dog Foods are designed with love for skin, coat and joint support.