Are dogs lactose intolerant? Can dogs eat dairy?

These are two common questions asked, and it's understandable. Many humans suffer stomach upset when they've eaten some yogurt or cheese. Unfortunately, it's the same for many crossbreeds.

If you would like to give your dog dairy but aren't sure if they are intolerant, start with a small amount. Yogurt is a good starting point, as it's relatively safe.

With items like cheese, you need to watch out for mould in particular, as it can cause some severe problems in large amounts.

We've made a list of the most common dairy products your dog might eat with an explanation of why they are/aren't poisonous. When you watch the videos, you'll see we've put them into one of three categories: can eat, in moderation and never eat.

If you want to find out more about which foods are dangerous, we've put together a free handout that gives a clear overview and explanation on all eight categories.