Vegetables are an essential ingredient in dog food. They provide plenty of vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to grow and develop correctly.

But what about outside of dog food? Which vegetables can dogs eat?

There are some, like asparagus, that is best only in dog food. By itself, asparagus is a massive choking hazard. Others, like carrots, can be a delicious treat for your dog in food and on its own.

To help you understand what your dog can and can't eat, we've created the poisonous foods series to highlight what foods are particularly dangerous for your dog and why. We explain the different toxins and hazards and how to feed your dog some of these foods safely.

However, whenever you give new food to your dog, there's always a risk of diarrhoea or vomiting. It's not uncommon, so when introducing a novel snack, only give your dog a small amount initially to test whether it triggers a reaction.

If you're concerned, speak to your vet. They can advise you, especially if your dog has underlying health conditions.