Protein is an important part of a dog’s diet as it is needed to form new skin cells, grow hairs, build muscle tissue, and more. It assists in creating hormones and enzymes that are needed for bodily functions, providing energy and ensuring the immune system stays strong.

However, a high percentage of protein doesn’t always mean that dogs are getting better quality food, it can depend on how digestible the proteins within the recipe are.

Within Designer Dog Foods, all freshly prepared meats have been gently cooked to 90 degrees Celsius, protecting the nutrient content. This allows your pet to have optimal nutrient bio-availability and more nutrients, such as proteins, to stay intact rather than being denatured so are readily available and easily digested.

Protein needs can vary, especially between puppies and adults, as puppies require a high protein diet to meet their body’s demands during growth & development.

Designed with protein, designed with love!

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